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A Craving for Chocolat...

Supernormal stimulus, August '12 UK

Van Doesburg / Lissitzky Addicts

Car Garage, Swaffham UK '12


"Valliant" lightbox detail, Utrecht, NL

One Way Conversation

Wine box 'Veille Ferme' (streets of Utrecht, Holland '12)

5 time image repeat

(Silkscreen draft) NL / LDN'12

The mo(u)rning after...

Utrecht, Holland June '12

Not a photo op(p)ortunity

Balearic Islands 2012 (Shared by studio neighbors fenny faber)

Brighton. Easiest place to get converted...

Just press, wait for signal and walk toward the light (with care).

Pizza maker

(From Holland). Utrecht NL 2012.

Cheers... to your health!

#red #gold #prettyface #bluesky #cigarettes #design #disguised #supernomalstimuli

Rich appeal...

...(poor spacing). Easter fair Utrecht NL 2012

After last week's Chocolate Tangerine drama...

... another explosion occurred in Utrecht center today...

In Holland (future capital of Europe)...

...euros grow on the streets. (Utrecht NL 2012)

Back after 33 years...

Landing on The Earth. (Sticker, streets of Utrecht 2012)

#breaking: Live images from the indispensable...

...Grafisch Atelier Utrecht. (Utrecht NL 2012)

Flexible Eight

Germany North Rhine-Westphalia 2012

Peek preview: 'Remember Plastic'

Silkscreen. Edition 30 (20 signed & numbered) 300 grms 23X50CMs.

Today's color theme...

Accidental color meeting while dishwashing (Utrecht NL 2012)

Memorable Photography

By my local dealer, Utrecht NL 2012.

Close Harmony

Wonderful & carefree enjoyment (no trace of crisis). 2012 banana/chocolat soy drink packaging.

Gone Lunching

Utrecht NL '12

Only Petra

... can write so beautifully (and corporately). Utrecht NL 2012

Lord of the Rings setdressing and stuff like that...

While screen cleaning the backdrop neon triggered the wolf. (NL '12).

'What time is it?'

Edition: 10 - Paper: Hanemüller 300 grms - Size: 70 x 50 cms. (Purchase? <-> email).

King Winter

(Inspecting my sister's strange taste for design. Koudekerk NL 2012)

Gone to beach bar...

Utrecht NL 2012

Trucks left, cars right? Left or right half of the brain?

A.k.a. 'Confusing road sign for quick decisions' (Vianen NL 2012)


Photobucket January 29, 2012: Locally lots of snow has fallen in Utrecht.

Auto-Flashed on a Window Ledge...

Lost & Found @ Faculty of Art, Media & Technology, Hilversum, NL, 2012.

After last week's typography classes bumped into...

...'Onbijt' instead of 'Ontbijt' ('Beakfast' instead of 'Breakfast'). Utrecht NL 2012.

'g' for 'georgousopoulos'

If all 'greeks' shorten their surnames millions €'s can be 'cut' on print
and dataspace...

Mediagenic Snowflake...

(Dusty archives, Austria'07)

'C' for...

... Chain? (Utrecht NL '12)

Chocolate & Tangerine

Exploded in center of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2012


(Utrecht NL '12)


... in Norwich (UK'12)


Scottish caravanist (UK 2012).

26 teeth (15 loose, 11 still in the jaw) missing...

Sad and sick act: Plundered Sperm whale at Hunstanton Article (UK 2012, photo: dept©fdev)

2012: New Formula

Hairdresser's advert Lewes, UK, 2012

Walsh Vs. Appleby

Walsh won... (Cromer UK '11)

Right erm...

(Norfolk UK '11)

Nothing much

Someone's coat is missing a button though. (Utrecht NL 2011)

Avro's Top Pop Disco Show

Photobucket Utrecht, NL 2011

Spot on: 'Sportsman'

"Branding began simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from
another by means of a hot iron stamp." NL 2011

Weekendje WEG / weekend aWAY?

Romantic break / Rural area / All rooms have a view. (NL, near Breda, 2011)